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Our first location in Indio, CA has opened since 2014. We specialized in Natural Nails care, featuring Nuskin USA products in our Spa Pedicure Services. Besides natural nails care, we also good at Acrylics Nails, SNS, Dipping Powder. Our Gel collection contains about 1000 colors with matching regular polish for your convenience.

Services provided at this location:
  • Natural nails care, pedicure, manicure
  • Artificial nails, Acrylics, Dipping Powder, SNS, Gel Builder
  • Eyebrows, Lip, Facial & Body Waxing
  • Eyelash Extensions with all Trish’s Lashes style collection
  • Mink Lash Extensions & Customized Mink Lash Extensions
  • Microblading & Permanent Makeup (only at La Quinta branch, please call for more information)
  • Brows, Lips, Eyeliner tattoo
  • Anti-aging facial

We offer most of trending designs and jewelries, chrome mirror pigment, halo pigment, on different shapes and length such as Coffin or Ballerina, Stiletto.
Decided to try it out. Only went to get my eyebrows done and I believe it was Melissa.. she’s very friendly and my first time experience was awesome. You can tell she loves what she does. Will be coming back!

— said Araceli M. – Coachella, CA

Nowadays, Lash extensions is an art form, in which each individual lash is lengthened with precision to accomplish a customized look. At Trish’s Lashes, we tailor fit your extensions to compliment the shape and beauty of your eyes. You can have lashes for any occassions or for all occassions. Trish’s Lashes will give you longer, thicker, natural looking lashes and is oil- and water-proof that will last the entire life of your natural lashes.

We know your beauty and we learn from our real experience. We want Eyelash Extensions to be more affordable to working class. Try our Customized Eyelash Extensions, they are nice, bold, beautiful, and very affordable. And of course, they last, just like a Classic Extensions, for a fraction of investment.

our services

we offer a wide range of nails & skin care services.

*prices are subject to change depends of certain type of services and addons. Please confirm with your stylist or technicians.

natural nails care
  • Basic Natural Pedicure 30 reg. polish / 40 with gel
    Soak your feet in Herbal Mineral Bath*, cuticle trimming & grooming, nails cut & shaping, heal & feet scrub with Liquid Body Lufra*, deep tissue feet & leg massage with Codi Greentea Lotion, and polish of your choice.
  • Regular Pedicure 25 reg. polish / 40 with gel
    Soak your feet in Sea Salk Soak*, cuticle trimming & grooming, nails cut & shaping, heal & feet scrub, deep tissue feet & leg massage with Codi Greentea Lotion, and polish of your choice.
  • Basic Manicure 18 reg. polish / 33 with gel
    includes Nails trimming & shaping, cuticle clean & grooming, neck, arms & hand massage with Codi Greentea Lotion. Finished with polish of your choice.

That’s not all we offer. Please refer to our in-store menu to see different services and treatments we have to offer for your need.

* Products from NUSKIN USA.
acrylics, dipping powder & gel nails
  • Acrylics Nails Refill 25 regular / 30 with gel
  • Acrylics Nails Fullset 30 regular / 35 with gel
  • Dipping Powder Redo 45
  • Dipping Powder Manicure 50
  • Gel Builder with Gel Polish 35 refill / 45 fullset
  • Pink & White Acrylics 35 refill / 50 fullset

We offer different shapes of nails, additional charge may applies to different shapes, nails designs, and length. Please confirm with your technician.

facial & waxing
  • Eyebrow Wax                                                                                              $12
  • Upper Lip or Chin Wax 15
  • Eyebrow & Lip Wax Special 15
  • Full Face Wax 30
  • Underarms Wax 15
  • Half Arms Wax 25+
  • Full Arms Wax 35+
  • Half Legs Wax 35+
  • Full Legs Wax 50+
  • Full Chest or Back Wax 50+
  • Bikini Wax 30+
  • Brazilian Wax 45+
Eyelash Extensions
  • Customized Eyelash Extensions 25+
  • Customized Mink Cluster Extensions 50+
  • Classic Extensions 120
  • Classic Volume Extensions 150

For Customized Extensions, please refer to our in-store style booklet or consult your stylist for different look to fit your needs.

our product brands

We want to bring you the best services, therefore, we carry the best product on the market. Some of our spa products are consumer grade, which is design for personal use, they do not come in bulk package, but instead come in individual package for quality and cleanliness.

icedancer pedicure
Best service of the year, 2018

With a touch of menthol and hot stone, our IceDancer pedicure becomes the best product of the year that’s being sold from 2018. With only $40, you will get the whole Natural Pedicure plus 5 minutes of soothing massage with IceDancer, and another 10 minutes of Deep Tissue massage with Cucumber Heel Therapy.

new products
mink that comes clustered

Get the look of Classic Mink Extensions for only a fraction of cost. Our custom tailored Mink Cluster is unique, exclusive, and beautiful only at Trish’s Lashes.

now trending
— microblading —

Microblading is a form of natural-looking, semi-permanent tattoo artistry that is perfect for reconstructing, defining, extending, or filling-in over plucked or sparse eyebrows. It is designed to help people with lack of hair getting a 3D look of their brows to redefine the shape of face, this procedure will be enhance your natural beauty and recapture your youth.


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