Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup, or Facial tattoo, is the best choice for people who have a busy life that they have too little time to re-apply their makeup; people whose jobs or activities make them sweat and shed makeup easily; men and women who wish to look their best at all times; people with allergies to conventional makeup; anyone who desires freedom from daily makeup applications; people with physical limitations, and people seeking corrections for asymmetrical features. Besides, people who have burn or cancer survivors, swimmers, sports enthusiasts of all types are recommended to have facial tattoo service done for a better looking.

Eyebrows tattoo

Eye-liner tattoo

Lip & Lip-liner tattoo

Since Permanent Makeup is a one time job that affect your appearance for a life time, please contact us to make an appointment for free-consultation. Permanent Makeup is Appointment-only service in Trish's Lashes. Please also call for your best price today.

Lash/Brow/Beard Tinting

Have you ever dyed your hair? Like your heair, your brows, beards, and even lashes sometimes get off color; or in some occassion, changing color of your lash, beards, or brows can make your face look brighter and more radian, too. We understand that, and that's why we carry Tinting Service that can help you with all your desires or needs.

D&T Nails Spa Menu

Natural Nails Care
Spa Manicure 14
Spa Pedicure 18
Manicure-Pedicure Combo 30
Gel (Shellac) Manicure 25
Gel (Shellac) Pedicure 30
Gel (Shellac) Polishing 15
Paraffin Wax on Hand / Feet +6 / +8
Non-polish Natural Shiny Buff +5
Orange Natural Escapse 50
Greentea Narual Escapse 50
Deluxe Nails Care
Deluxe Spa Manicure 25
Deluxe Spa Pedicure 30
Delight Spa Pedicure 45
Luxurious Spa Mani-Pedicure 65
Nails Enhancing
Acrylic Fullset / Fill up 22 / 15
Acrylic Fullset with White Tips 25
Pink & White Fullset / 2 Tone-fill 35 / 25
Gel Builder Fullset / Fill up 35 / 25
Gel DIP Fullset / Fill up 35 / 25
Silk Nails Fullset / Fill up 35 / 25
Gel Coloring add-on +10
Gel Sealer add-on +5